14th and 15th December Indore (M.P).

Dear Sahaj Yogi Brothers and sisters,
Jai Shri Mataji.
  We are really very heartened to have huge response from all across the country for the proposed Sahaj
  Samagam at INDORE. We have tried to contact everyone of yourgoodselves and explained in detail regarding
  the background for this event.Fromthe huge response it is evident that very meanigful discussions
  canbeheld in a very conducive and cordial atmosphere for taking forward the very  holy mission of
  our beloved mother. We once again request allofyou to please shed their inhibitions if any, and participate
  whole heartedly in this very unique event.We once again reitrate our completely unbiased vision and 
  complete commitment toconduct this Samagam with the highest Sahaj standards in mind. Let us all join
  together to pray to our Holy Mother to bless this occasion with Her Nirakar presence.

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Welcome to Sahaja Samagam

Dear Brothers and Sisters

It feels immense pleasure to invite you all for a two day SAHAJ SAMAGAM at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is scheduled on 14th & 15th December 2013.

As you all may be aware Shri Mataji has spoken a lot about Ahilyabai Holker who ruled Indore in a very Spiritual manner, She was a born realized and a great worshiper of Lord Shiva. She ruled the state in name of lord Shiva in a very holy manner.

As we all are aware mass realization has never happened in the history of mankind .This is a unique event and as explained by Her Holiness the purpose is to transform humanity through us. We consider our this realization as a rebirth and all our previous believes and sanskars have gone away. We are unique and our yoga is supreme. Somehow a large section of us have a feeling that SY should have received far greater visibility in the society than it has received. Something has seriously gone wrong with the way we conduct our affairs and the method seems to be far more administrative in nature than being spiritual. We shall all agree that we are primarily a spiritual outfit and our affairs need to be conducted in spiritual manner reflective of the collective wish of yogis. But it seems the collective wish is not clearly being reflected in our methods of conducting our day to day affairs. We are far more entrusted to bring a person to Sahaj but once he is in, all our love seems to be fast evaporating depending on various considerations. Our actions are more guided by our personal agenda rather than absolute betterment of SY as should be our aim. We are all indebted to our very holy mother for solving our various problems and giving a two way communication with the almighty .It is time for us to pay back the huge debt that we all have, by resolving all petty issues affecting our spiritual journey and growth of SY for ultimate redemption of humanity. It is with this Noble object in our minds that we are making this very humble effort.

The primary purpose of SAMAGAM shall be how to integrate the yogies so that each one of us can become virat. As Shri Mataji has said that no matter how much we are an expert in a particular aspect without integration it is not possible to achieve Spiritual ascent which is the main and the only purpose of Sahaja Yoga. Thus individual and collective integration both are required. We hope that this SAMAGAM will meet its holy purpose. It is important as the coming generations of Yogis can truly know what our beloved Mother wanted out of her children….that is LOVE, Sahaja Love. Let us make the foundation of Sahaja Yoga strongest for the most amazing generation of born realized children to come so as to make their job easier. The SAMAGAM shall broadly have three interactive sessions’, performances by artists of fame like Sh. Kishor Chaturvedi and meditation sessions.

We shall be making accommodation arrangements for all yogis at a very nominal registration fee. Arrangements shall also be made for yogis who desire to stay in hotels. Individual transportation shall be arranged on request.

We shall shortly forward details of the program for your kind perusal. We humbly welcome you all – the children of Shri Adi Shakti to this holy place for taking forward vision of our beloved Mother forward in her physical absence.

Registration:         Hotel & Transport Facility:    Contact for Seminar:
Mr. Manish More Cell :09300060920
Mr. Lalit Kale Cell :09301516194
Mr. Arvind Anchliya. Cell :09302125543